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Frequently Asked Questions

Plant of the month

Want to buy a pot plant for your home?
The best choice and plant of this month would be Syngonium sp. or commonly known as Arrowhead vine.
These are so easy to grow in any light conditions.
Use a good quality potting mix for best results, add some granular fertiliser on top of the soil and keep moist during warmer months.

What should I plant in the full sun?

Go with a potted colour which gives you a lot of flowers and can be replaced from season to season.
These are well known Petunias in summer and Pansies during winter.
For all year colour use Pelargonium sp.
For a larger shrub use Rhaphiolepis sp. (Indian Hawthorn).

Gardener - should I contact one?

Have no time to maintain your garden or can not solve a problem in the garden?
Contact your professional gardening service in the area so you can relax while we take care of your garden.

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